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Do girls do that? The striking truth from a girl who breaks gender stereotypes

Preface When an outdoor brand reached out to me, they were planning for an International Women’s Day campaign to encourage ...
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When Pleasing You Is Killing Me | Book Notes & Self-Reflection

When Pleasing You Is Killing Me by Dr. Les Carter, Ph.D. My two-year “relationship/partnership” ended on an extremely negative note ...
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Supernormal | Reading Notes & Book Summary

Supernormal – The Secret World of the Family hero | by Meg Jay, PhD Here I am, on the plane ...
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The Self-Evolved Leader – Book Review

The Self-evolved Leader: Elevate Your Focus and Develop Your People in a World That Refuses to Slow Down – by ...
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Self-Parenting – by John K. Pollard | Book Notes & Summary

Get it from Amazon: Inner Parent The Neurological Basis  Left Brain – Logical thinking – the “should” side of the Inner conversation ...
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From Sheep To SHERO – by Rebecca Moradoghli | Book Notes

From Sheep To SHERO: Transforming the Face of Tribal BS to live a life of spirituality, humanity, enlightenment, responsibility and ...
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Holiday Bake – Eggnog Banana Bread

To be honest, this is the first year for me to love Eggnog…. My initial encounter with Eggnog was through ...
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The Objectification Spectrum – by John M. Rector | Book Notes

The Objectification Spectrum Understanding and Transcending Out Diminishment and Dehumanization of Others. This is a scholar book I borrowed from ...
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It’s Not About The Fireworks

I’ve only shot fireworks once – about 4 years ago at Kitsilano Beach. It didn’t stir up enough interest in me ...
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Stealing fire

Stealing Fire – by Steven Kotler & Jamie Wheal

Stealing Fire – How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work ...
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Silently Seduced

Silently Seduced – by Kenneth M. Adams Ph.D. | Book Notes

I was introduced to this book through reading The Truth by Neil Strauss. It is a clinical psychology tool book ...
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The Truth - by Neil Strauss | An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships

The Truth – by Neil Strauss | Book Notes

I discovered this “uncomfortable book about relationships” from a video intro on Youtube. The video was animated based on a ...
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How Emotions Are Made – by Lisa Feldman Barrett | Book Review Notes

This is a partial summary of the book How Emotions Are made. It is quite a lengthy book, thus I am ...
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The wheel of change

Triggers – by Marshall Goldsmith | Book Notes

The subtitle of the book Triggers is what caught my attention: “Creating behaviors that lasts — Becoming the person you ...
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4-week Vegan Experience | Done!

Got a bit busy with Vancouver Auto Show last week so the week #4 (also the final week!) entry came ...
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4-week Vegan Experience | Week 3 | Free Food?!

As oppose to last week, I dine out pretty much 70% in this week.. Literally pulled out the list of ...
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4-Week Vegan Experience | Week 2

On to the second week of my Vegan Experience. My mom made some pork meat balls right at the beginning ...
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salad combo from Be Fresh Local

4-Week Vegan Experience | Week 1

“WHAT? NO MEAT?” My friend’s shocked reaction was totally understandable when he heard that I ordered from vegan menu. Background ...
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The Coaching Habit – by Michael Bungay Stanier | Book Notes

I’ve been going through books at an ever faster pace since I started using Audible. Podcasts and audio books fill ...
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Why People Don’t Trust the Police?

I’m going to put this up front, I got a little furious when I saw the post which triggered me ...
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Capitalism and Welfare Mentality

First off… I just came across this post: “A guy looked at my Corvette the other day and said I ...
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