To be honest, this is the first year for me to love Eggnog….

My initial encounter of Eggnog was through Starbucks’ Eggnog Latte years ago. It left me a very odd spicy taste. I threw the whole grande cup in garbage and never touched anything related to eggnog ever again….

However, this year, I tried pure eggnog when Avalon Dairy made a limited production run for Canadian Thanksgiving. That’s when I realize what eggnog really taste like – creamy and sweet, with a fresh hint.

For some reason, people like to blend it with spices. And that’s what made my Eggnog Latte taste “off”.

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Now I know which ingredients bother me. So in this recipe, I skipped the traditional Eggnog pairing – nutmeg. But feel free to add a teaspoon if you are into that… Just don’t use too much. Excess

 nutmeg can make you hallucinate or even die.. 


As for sweetener, I was out of Sugar Replacement so I opted for honey. Side note: there’s no space for table sugar at my home. I use sugar alcohol or stevia. Watch your Glycemic Index, especially we already have bananas and flour in here.

But if you have a sweet tooth, feel free to sub my honey to 1 cup of sugar or even more. Although I don’t recommend, December has always been a loose diet season so go indulge a little!


I might try to use whole wheat flour next time. Corn starch is not a must. But it makes a noticeable difference to the texture. I don’t know if “bouncy” is a good enough description for what corn starch does. Basically, it act as a thickener and keep everything together.

Not bad for a first try! Other than me being too greedy trying to pour the last drop of batter into the already-full loaf pan… A loaf should be rectangular but mine grew into a mushroom….

BTW, I used a silicone pan so it doesn’t stick with the bread. If you are using a metal one, make sure to greasy it.



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