After the Greater Vancouver Area experienced a few days of snow in a row, I finally decided to pick up this snow trip earlier this season. It appears appropriate to release the video now that we’re officially acquainted with snow – even among the city folks.

This journey took place at the beginning of December 2023. It was one of those rainy days when holiday songs harassed you everywhere you went. So you can spot a bit of Christmas lights hanging on my car’s hatch, casting tiny colorful lights downwards.

Want to know where exactly I went? Check out the GPS tracking here.

A7 01428 | Overland Lady by Monique Song

When the city rains, the mountain snows. To my knowledge, this was the first snow of the season to cover this specific trail.

My friends Hai, Tina, and Paul had already gone up one day ahead. They kept satellite contact with me, updating their location and road conditions. That day, it was only raining a little. The road was clear of snow. But by the next day, when I headed out, the snow started coming down. Every inch of snow you see in the video was from that one day only.

At one point, we had to pull out the Maxtrax to get over a ditch. Coco (the white Land Cruiser) is not equipped with diff locker. In fact, I’ve never put on any performance-enhancing modification on this vehicle. To say I don’t trust this car is an understatement.

I’ve only camped with Hai twice. In both times, he was already there with friends. I joined them the next night at the coordinate he sent me. I’m free to take my time alone the way. And when I finally arrived, it felt like being welcomed home! Not to mention it takes away the hard part of finding a camp spot.

The snow kept on falling overnight. I tried out a diesel heater for the first time. The tent was kept warm until diesel ran out early morning, forcing me to get out of bed.

A7C00167 | Overland Lady by Monique Song

Nothing’s better than a steamy hot breakfast on a cold day! It was so cold that the isobutane didn’t want to work properly. My little electric coil stove worked wonders in this condition.

The way out was slushy. Our heavy vehicles descend slowly, fighting with the melted snow.

Camping in the snow is beautiful. However, the track to get there is often challenging. Is it worth it? I’ll let you decide.