shero | Overland Lady by Monique Song

From Sheep To SHERO: Transforming the Face of Tribal BS

to live a life of spirituality, humanity, enlightenment, responsibility and opportunity.

I was lucky enough to receive this signed book from the author herself. During my time at SR Auto Group, Rebecca was my office manager whom I report to directly.

At that time, Seasonal Affective Disorder was messing my day-to-day life. There was a load of existential crisis and self-doubt in my head. It amazed me how Rebecca was able to bring so much positive energy every day. Always elegance, always charming.

She is also a  trained NLP coach, a good listener who gives valuable response with the most comforting and powerful phrases.

From a few “girl talk” sessions in her office room, I’ve got to known her “SHERO” life philosophy:

  • Spirituality
  • Humanity
  • Enlightenment
  • Responsibility, and
  • Opportunity

I finished this book about two years ago with lots of annotations and post-it notes. It described a series of life discovery through a real story, in which the main character met and built a strong bond with a friend who passed away due to cancer at the end of the book.

shero2 | Overland Lady by Monique Song

BS – one of the most used phrases in this book. What does it mean?

Belief Systems. We all have those generalizations about the world around us, either from our own past or being passed on from generations. The story is mostly based on those engraved beliefs from her Armenia background. But the principles apply to everyone. I was raised in a Chinese family where rules and traditions form the way people think and act. I questioned, maybe not all, but at least most of them. My parents used to think of me as a rebel. In fact, I’m just a questioner.

A sheep, is someone who follows the tyranny of the masses without its/his/her own thought, no question asked. This book points out the difference between a sheep-like follower who don’t question things, and someone who incorporating SHERO principles to find constructive solution to all beliefs. The question is, at what point do we stop being sheep and start to question? At what point do we realize that the BS we hold true isn’t even ours but somehow passed on to us?

Notes & Quotes:

Had I known what I know now back then, perhaps things would have been different. But at the same time, I have absolutely no regrets because I wouldn’t be the person I am today had I not gone through that.

The greatest period of growth comes from a time of great pain and discomfort.

Success and intelligence are not equated with university degrees, the house you ownm, the car you drive, the watch you wear, and whether or not your husband or wife is a doctor or lawyer…. if you applyu class by kindness, grace, compassion, love, tolerance, humanity, then that education doesn’t necessarily mean you have class. They don’t define us. They are just things we like.

Did you keep your thoughts inside so you wouldn’t disappoint or hurt anyone’s feelings or expectations? Or felt that if you shared your feeling it would be a sign of weakness? Those are pretty strong beliefs.

Remove all negative thoughts in your head, cut yourself off from people who look at you with pity, and surround yourself with people who inspire you and will take you to another level of possibilities.

Do not feel sorry for yourself.

Nobody can put a collar on you but you.

You can move anywhere in the world that you want but your belief systems come with you and thus, you will create the exact same environment that wasn’t working for you where you used to live.

Change your belief system without moving, the place that you have been living for generations becomes a new place you never knew existed.

Write in a journal, you release a lot of tension… helps you put things in perspective… keep belief systems in check.

Belief systems are constantly evolving as we are evolving.What I held to be necessarily true back then and made decisions based on doesn’t apply today.

As individuals, we are supposed to be strong, self-reliant, independent. Yet, when we join someone who shares our values and has similar goals, we become stronger and can reach greater results faster. A healthy relationship pushes us beyond ourselves.

How do you expect a different result when you have circled yourself with people with the same BS? …when you continue acting the same way day after day?

Living SHERO principles were a call to propel people to a higher standard of living that went beyond identifying personal value and worth with a tax bracket.

We shouldn’t tell ourselves that we’ll be happy when we have this or that. Make efforts to be happy on a day-to-day basis and appreciate all the people in our lives. Everything does happen for a reason.

Life is evolution. If you don’t grow, you die.

The power of the subconscious mind. You are creating your own truth. Your conscious mind says one thing and the subconscious makes it happen.

When you find someone who shares similar values and taps into positive beliefs, who is constantly wanting to evolve and grow as a human being, then you make sure that person is somewhere close to your constellation. Hold on to them just enough so you learn from them but not so much that you prevent their progression and evolution.

Independence is strength beyond measure… only when alone, one truly uncovers.

A vision without action remains only a dream.

My friend ship with you is to help you get better, not to create a stressful situation.

Not walking through the door of opportunity would have meant failure… The regret came when a person stood still and did nothing but watch the world go by.

Acknowledge your authentic self, take responsibility for your actions and not make excuses. By authentic self I mean who you truly are; not what someone wants you to be or thinks you are.

Love isn’t just about gazing into each other’s eyes, but looking down the road in the same direction.

Religion does not equal spirituality, just like capitalism does not equal democracy.

“Ask not that events happen as you will. Yet let your will be that events happen as they do. And you shall have peace.” – Stoic Philosopher Epictetus.

Your business should include your friends and people your love. The fact that you;re busy is because you have not utilized your resources properly.

Your wheels are spinning because it’s the intent of the consciousness to move the car forward. But somewhere within your beliefs, something is holding you back that’s equivalent to the driver holding on to the emergency break… the car is driven with the emergency break engaged most of the time. Thus the driver never realize thee full potential, not to mention the damage being done to the entire being.

Change comes from the inside out by changing your beliefs and thought patterns, then you can drive the car to its full potential.

It is not what we do that’s making us busy. It is the beliefs and chaos we create in the depths of our minds that make us busy.

Most people closed, not just themselves, yet their real selves to the world. People spent so much time protecting themselves from the world that they lost touch with it.

Everybody had beliefs that could be shaped and adjusted to make their lives much easier and healthier; both mentally and physically. The more everyone relates to each other the easier for everyone to work together, be together and share together.

For more of Rebecca’s SHERO principles, visit her website.