Hitomi Transformation



  • Stett Performance front mount intercooler
  • Stett Performance charge pipe w/white paint
  • Tial BOV
  • COBB Tunning AccessPort V3 Stage 2 aggressive
  • AR Design catless downpipe
  • AFE Magnum Force stage2 Pro 5R intake system
  • Custom muffler delete exhaust
  • Burnt titanium quad tips
  • Brembo GT 6-piston front big brake kit
  • USR BlackDash Series sport slotted rear brake rotors



  • AirLift Performance air suspension (E36 model custom fit to E89)
  • AccuAir e-level management system w/ custom “bagged” trunk set up
  • Megan Racing E85 Rear control arm (custom fit to E89)
  • PUR LG02 3-piece wheels in candy blue face and polished lip (19x9 -7; 19x11 -2)
  • Falken FK452 performance tires
  • Mevius neon blue lug bolts
  • H&R wheel spacers



  • Brushed blue interior trim wrap
  • Bride seat rails (both sides)
  • Bride Zeta 3 bucket seats (both sides)
  • Personal Pole Position Steering Wheel 350mm
  • Worksbell Rapfix 2 quick release blue
  • Momo steering wheel hub for E90/E92 custom fit to E89



  • AutoTechnic matte black kidney grill
  • Duke Dynamics full widebody kit (front bumper, front fenders, side skirts, rear
    fenders, rear bumper)
  • Duke Dynamics power vented hood
  • Duke Dynamics carbon fiber rear diffuser
  • Duke Dynamics CSL trunk
  • Duke Dynamics custom carbon fiber front lip
  • Aero Flow Dynamics custom side diffusers
  • Aero Flow Dynamics custom rear diffuser
  • Custom paint (white base + blue pearl)
  • Velvet hard top wrap by Impressive Wrap
  • 88% window tint
  • Tail light tint



  • LuxAngeleyes H8 V4
  • WeissLicht LED white Illumination turn signal bulbs
  • Interior Xenon Bulbs
  • Custom trunk switchable ambient lights
  • Downstar inc. blue engine dress up bolts
  • Custom painted engine cover and power braces
  • Bride head cushions
  • Bride blue fashion protectors

It's the first car I officially own. It's a girl's dream...

"Hitomi" is her name. 瞳, pupil, the eye that sees pretty things, the beauty and wisdom. This car was my best companion. She was the only one taking me to school and all sorts of errands.

She was never good enough. She constantly sees flaws in herself which gives her hard time believing compliments. On the flip side, she learnt how to tuck her chin down and be humble at all times...

It was a description of me, also of Hitomi. So much of my personality is expressed on the car I own. Slowly, she became an extension of me - a beautiful female with traces of masculinity.

I didn't understand why there wasn't much people modifying E89 Z4 until I started my own... There simply aren't many aftermarket parts to choose from. Lots of customization and re-fitting. Full mod list on your left hand side (or above on mobile version).

Major transformation totaled 1 and a half year..

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