Vancouver just celebrated its very first Mural Festival in August. 39 local and international artists had Main street a brand new look with multiple pieces of mural arts. The festival took place on August 20th while the painting process varies.

Where are the participating mural art located in this event?

Thanks to DailyHive, I had a chance to spend a date night with Hitomi to “dig out” all of the pieces following this map:

Vancouver Mural Festival Map

I was never an artist nor painter, but I love looking at beautiful things and putting my feelings/thoughts into the process of analyzing the meaning.

Driving a sports car in Vancouver back alleys are bad enough, although Hitomi‘s air suspension came handy at times, it was still somewhat sketchy. I did find all the wall location but only managed to do photos with a few. Not to mention some locations were unable to be accessed by car.

With the fact that all the shots were done at night to ensure the optimal parking spots right by the mural arts, tripod and long exposure was mandatory. Luckily I still remembered some basics of it after not touching DSLR for so long.

My personal favorite. “Hand Hug” by Andrea Wan
“”Tiger and Lion may be more powerful, but Wolf does not perform in the circus.”. by Ben Tour
“it’s a gift” by Vancouver local artist Jay Senetchko
By Burrard Arts Foundation
“medusa & harpy” by Nomi Chi
Hootsuite HQ by Scott Sueme
City Centre Hotel by Low Bros
Glow-in-the-dark Mural by Nick Gregson
Red Truck Brewery Silos by Kashink
The Arts Factory by NEVERCREW, Paige Bowman, Cody Lecoy, Ola Volo


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