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The Self-evolved Leader: Elevate Your Focus and Develop Your People in a World That Refuses to Slow Down

– by Dave McKeown

The book will release on Janruary 27, 2020.

Disclaimer: I was provided a digital version of the book from its publisher for an honest review.

When the email from Outfield Leadership loaded in my inbox, I was in the middle of overlanding in outback Australia. It came to me as a surprise – although I have read a few books and taken online notes, my blog isn’t heavily focused on book reviews.

Though, I see it as a pleasant gift for my near future – I am going back to school for MBA next fall.

Over the years after I graduated from Bachelor, I worked as an executive assistant – the righthand of one of the most important persons in the company. I watched, and often assisted, the man managing people, making decisions, and dealing with everything related to the company’s healthy growth.

I dream of being that man(woman) one day. Though closely observing, I still lack some sort of softskills to be in tha roll. Leadership being one of them.

This book became a headstart in my upcoming career upgrade. It was also the perfect bridge that helped my vacation brain tune back into team setting.

Without spoiling too much of the content, I can tell you that the book gives practical steps to train your leadership skills. McKeown presents storys from his clients and using these examples to explain his principles. You simply cannot read the book without seeing yourself or people you know making the same “mistake” – Cycle of Mediocrity.

All too often, we give respond to others questions with a self-proclaimed good answer. You may be able to solve the problem faster but ultimately you are training a habit that, over the long run, makes others lose their capability to grow.

An example would be me going to J everytime when something sounded wrong on my car. Most of the time he resolved the issues instantly which makes me rely on him more and more. If he just come in and fix my problems – heroic behaviour in urgency – without guiding me to try and find the culprit, eventually I’ll lose the ability to figure things out on my own when car breaks down.

The key of being a self-evolved leader is

…”to help those on my team achieve our shared goals and in doing so to help them become the best version of themselves.”

That is, the Cycle of Excellence!

The book is easy to read with storys to relate to. Each chapter ends with a summary: “What to remember”, “What to try”, and a video. Even if you are not in a leadership position or not looking to be one in the future, this book will help you personal relationship just as much.

Think of that one friend who always come to you with relationship advice? Yes, I can see similar principles being used there.

You don’t have to be in an corporation to have a team. Every circle of friends is a team. You and your friend alone is a team of two.

Knowing is the first step of acquiring knowledge. New concepts need to be practiced and reviewed many times to become skills. I recommend this book to not only leaders, but anyone who wishes to improve interpersonal skills and empower others around you.

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