Today we’re driving from Coffs Harbour, NSW to Suneshine Coast, QLD, with J! Finally not alone! However this doesn’t mean it’s any less dramatic….

First traffic police encounter in Australia…

Although I deeply believe I wasn’t speeding, I stayed in the inner lane (right lane) for too long. I alwasy thought inner lanes are for people who drive fast(er).

On highways, the inner lanes are only for passing. Drivers are supposed to direct their cars back to the outer lane after passing slow vehicles. No, you shouldn’t stay in that lane even if you drive at a stable fast speed…

Upon arriving in Suneshine Coast, we had the honer to meet @76_Rock. He crossed Simpson Desert around two weeks before J did – single vehicle. I came across his profile one night while agitated over J’s decision of solo crossing. As an over-worried girl I am, I messaged him promptly asking for tips and advices… And I’m so glad I did!

He showed us around his fully built Toyota Landcrusier 76 Series which he plan to take aroudn the world – North America being the next destination. This beast is beyond cool! Both J and I left in awe.

One day, we’ll have a functional and aesthetic overland build. One day.

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