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The Work Shift: Millennial bails on big city, high-paying corporate existence she despised

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If living in her truck in the middle of the Australian Outback was any indication, Song enjoys the simplicities of life. She doesn’t care for the rat race and has no desire to live in an Olympic Village highrise. In fact, she has zero qualms about eventually moving to remote areas of BC where the earning opportunity for trade workers is higher.

Gaia GPS Offroad Podcast

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What do you do when you’re unhappy in your corporate job? You hit the road and drive – all the way to Australia., Canada, and northbound to the Arctic. That’s how Monique Song found her way into offroading, eventually becoming the beloved Overland Lady. Monique wields both a wrench and a flatiron (for her hair) and gives wise insights on how each tool has played an important role in her adventures in her 100 series Toyota Landcruiser.

Unfortunately, her well-known and loved Landcruiser is no more. Monique joined the rollover club on the the Dempster Highway last fall, totalling her rig and leaving her stranded in the remote Arctic. Tune into the podcast to hear Monique describe what it felt like to experience a crash of this magnitude and walk away with minor injuries. Plus, learn the full details of the recovery efforts and get a sneak peek at the rig she’s eyeing next — this time it’s all about the gas mileage.

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American Overlander

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In this week’s podcast, Will interviews Monique Song who is the creator behind the popular overlanding Youtube channel, The Overland Lady. Monique’s unique perspective and approach to adventure travel stems from being born in Beijing, China, living in BC Canada, and getting her first Overlanding adventure touring Australia for year on a youth travel Visa. 



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This year’s International Women’s Day focuses on #BreakTheBias, and we couldn’t think of a better female role model to discuss this with than the inspirational Monique Song. As an experienced Overlander, Monique constantly #BreaksTheBias – from facing society’s gender and racial norms to taking on challenging adventures solo – and has become a leading woman in the Overlanding space


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We caught up with one of our favourite overlanders, Monique Song. As someone who we admire for her incredible solo adventures – both in North America and Australia, Monique fearlessly challenges social, racial and gender norms, leaving her old city life to pursue the overlanding and adventure lifestyle she now loves. 

Lady Overlander Radio

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Monique is the girl behind the YouTube channel the “Overland Lady.”  Monique went from sheltered city girl to adventurer and, like many, felt the call to adventure to escape living a life that was more “expected” rather than authentic. She took the leap, left it all behind and travelled to Australia where she found her own rhythm and purpose. She finds peace in the wilderness and often spends prolonged periods of solo time off the grid in her 4WD Toyota Landcruiser. She spreads the love for wild places with everyone she meets both online and offline. Monique inspires young women around the world to break gender, racial, cultural, and societal norms, and opt for a life that’s self-fulfilling and self-sufficient.

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In this episode, Tara McGovern, Cindy Pope, and Monique Song join me in a round table discussion on several topics such as hygiene, safety, and the good, the bad, and the ugly of overlanding!

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Karma Campervans

Q&A with Overlander Monique Song

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When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade. So when full-time overlander, global traveller and YouTuber over at Overland Lady, Monique Song, had her Toyota in the shop for repairs, she reached out to us at Karma Campervans to see if she could give the #Vanlife thing a go. Luckily, we were able to line her up with one of our fully converted Ford Transit campervans for her personal test run and to see if travelling in a campervan more often would be her cup of tea (or jar of lemonade). We caught up with Monique after her trip to see how it went and where she’s headed next.

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