On to the second week of my Vegan Experience. My mom made some pork meat balls right at the beginning of the week. They smells nice but according to my knowledge, the way she uses ground pork mostly come from the making of dumpling filling…. I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss anything.

Before I started the 4 week plan, I wanted to call it “vegan challenge”. But then I reconsidered the whole thing, It didn’t seem too much of a challenge to go through. I’m not starving myself for sure.

Soyo vegan yogurt

For breakfasts, I would either eat yogurt and granola or make a shake. Since I’m trying to make the experience more complete, I used vegan yogurt instead of Greek Yogurt.
Vega protein shake

As for protein shake, to be honest, whey taste so much better than plant-based protein powder. And pretty much 99% of my fitness friends all say the same.. But I find they work better blending with a ton of other stuff. Plant protein create a thicker consistency that make good use in smoothie.


I am getting closer and closer to my final exams, which means there are countless deadlines awaits.. Be Fresh Local Market saved me again with their vegan items.

vegan wrap quinoa

Rainbow veggie wrap was made from quinoa, celery, cucumber, onion, bell pepper, hummus, spinach, green cabbage, carrots, sun-dried tomato, and sunflower seeds. A bit too mild in flavor but I guess that 74g of carbs is good enough for the day…

avocado quinoa

As for the little box of quinoa, I didn’t end up eating it at school. So the next day I cut in an avocado and made a quinoa salad out of it.

avocado protein waffle

Was craving avocado toast but unfortunately I don’t have any toast at home… So I thought why not make my own. I haven’t made protein waffle for a long time so it came out a bit dry. But for those that want to know, it’s just:

  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup of almond milk

Top with some avocado and cranberries. I ended up adding loads of sriracha……

Vegan protein

Since I have always been obsessed with protein, these are what I came home with from grocery store… I’m still learning to figure out how to better cook with them.
Vegan spaghetti Vegan spaghetti noodle

So I made some spaghetti sauce using the vegan meat along with eggplants and onions, top it to this bean noodle from Explore Cuisine. Their noodles contains 20g of protein and only around 10g of net carbs… It does taste a bit different (rubbery) than normal “carby” noodles but it’s something I would like to sacrifice in exchange of protein.

OK. Enough for my cooking. In the end I am not a food blogger nor a chef… I am just blogging what I eat when meat is not an option.

Making pizza

Sadly, I’ve been so busy that I only got to dine out once a week… Last week was Heirloom, this week I wanted to get some pizza.

Virtuous Pie is a vegan pizza place located in Chinatown. The seating area was very limited so I would recommend ordering take out if you want to try. Everything is made from scratch right on site. Of course the waiting time became a draw back since they process online orders, take-out orders, and dine-in orders all in this tiny area. In a fast-food setting environment, 30 minutes isn’t really pleasing.

Virtuous Pie curry vegan pizzaVirtuous Pie

Top: Curry Mile pizza. Bottom: Fennel + Sausage Pizza, Butternut Squash + Kale Salad, and Stranger Wings Pizza. The salad was very good!!

vegan pudding

K, that’s enough food… I gotta get back to my project now.

I should start to do some meal prep with those beans for my next hectic week… If I have time…