A special episode for a special occasion. In this episode, we join the Northwest Overland Rally in Leavenworth WA, for a fun and educational weekend.  Seeing cool rigs, cool vendors, obstacle runs. And of course, we “burn it”. 

You probably could tell, I am biased towards Landcruisers.I walked around the event attempting to take a photo of every single Landcruiser. Perhaps I missed a few but to my surprise, there’s quite a number of us. I guess since the US has been selling Landcruisers till the 200 series. Whereas Canada only had up to a few years of the 80 series. No wonder you get to see more of them South of the border.

This is my first Overland event in the US. I’ve always seen blog posts and videos on these events. People come from different places with all sorts of build-out. Other than everyday lifted trucks with roof tents, you get to see rare builds like Firetruck conversions, 4X4 converted vans, earth roamers, and Aussie canopies, just to name a few. A walk in the attendee camping area is a show on its own. Not to mention the daily activities and cool vendors. 

2023 Northwest Overland Rally

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