SR Auto just released their new project Lexus RCF which then became the first in Canada West coast with Rocket Bunny kit. As the trend of bolt-on widebody mods still growing in the market, SR is sure taking the lead with numbers of LibertyWalk and RocketBunny builds.

As I saw the very first photo of this RCF when it came out from body shop, I immediately recalled a very similar car in their showroom – yes, the Ferrari.

“It would be pretty sick if we can put them together for a shoot!”

-“Go nuts!”


As an imported “fob-chick”, I am still slowly understanding the meaning behind the “go nuts”. But all I know is, the morning I told SR about my photoshoot idea, they made it happen right in the afternoon.

Black and red is the combo that you would never go wrong with. So when I was thinking of location, this huge blank wall hit straight into my mind – the cars are so aggressive that no background will be the best background. Thanks to my friend Anthony for bringing me here when he once visited his dad’s warehouse. The whole lot is usually empty and only very few cargo trucks passing through.


See what I mean? Cargo trucks.

There’s a rendered scene of city night by SR’s in-house photographer, Kevin Yong, which also looks absolutely stunning – although I didn’t recognize which city it is. Maybe next time we will pretend to be on the other side of the world!

| Overland Lady by Monique Song


The RCF is equipped with a set of PUR LX10.V3 three-piece wheels and the 458 is sitting on PUR LG06 with AirRex suspension. I can feel the Gloss Davinci Red screaming towards everyone with confidence and power – I mean, how can you not look at them twice? They must be the devils sent to earth from heaven because they are too cool. Like the bad kids in high school that teachers hate but girls can never resist.


More official photos from PUR can be found on PUR website gallery : Lexus RCF | Rocket Bunny | PUR LX10.V3.


This evil-combo is recently featured on CarBuzz.

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