Vancouver is now experiencing negative temperature under the sun. The outside is so bright and welcoming until you actually walk out. Doing an outdoor photoshoot sure needs an extra layer of coat.

I was sitting in SR Auto Group Richmond Headquarter waiting for the car to come, along with some EDM music to keep myself mentally awake. This car I was about to shoot, a Liberty Walk widebody Porsche 997 Turbo, was built by SR in the past summer. However, its pubic appearance has only been once, which was at Hot Import Night Vancouver with F7LTHY/SR/PUR crew. There wasn’t any official photos taken either. But proudly enough, I got an green light when I asked about it.

As Ray arrived, he drop the key on the table in front of me then was about to walk away. It happened so fast that I didn’t have time to feel any excitement. Wasn’t I here to shoot the car? Do I get to drive it too?

“Wait, wait… what?”

-“Aren’t you going to take photos?”

“Yah, but do I drive it too?”

-“Why not? Go find a spot for nice photos.”

“Hmmmm okay but,” here came the part that worth a face-palm,” is it manual or auto?”

Not saying I can’t drive stick – I’ve been practicing. But I was still not very smooth, especially with a clutch I’ve never tried and a car more than I can afford.


IMG_2993The car is sitting on a set of PUR wheels LG07 3-piece with a 2-toned face in silver and black. As far as I now, PUR designed this rim specifically for Porsche. You probably can tell how the style is related to the original Fuchs ‘five-leaf’ wheel back in 1966.


When PUR first introduced this wheel, I wanted to put it on my Z4. I don’t have a Porsche, but can I have Porsche wheels? Haha.



The Liberty Walk kit for 997 does come with a “dining-table style” GT wing, which SR decided not to put on. Without the wing, the aggressiveness is lacking a bit but it goes well with the whole classy look – it can be obviously told from the wheel selection that this build is not going to be track style.



This car is up for sale at SR Auto Group. If you are a classic Porsche lover, feel free to hit them up and take a look!

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