After sleeping in garage for months, this white Aston Martin finally lighted up her eyes and came out to enjoy the beautiful sunset in West Vancouver.

Owner lost the key a while back and the car has been sitting without battery ever since. Somehow he got luckily recently and found the spare key, unlocked the car, charged the battery. The excitement of getting her back alive was too strong to allow time for washing. We came straight out from the dark underground garage to catch the last bit of sun.

At last, I have to end with this photo.


Watching this cute couple leaning on each other facing the Lions Gate Bridge, the warm feeling flowed straight into me regardless of the chilly weather. I’ve known this girl since she first moved to Canada. The owner of this beautiful Aston Martin is her boyfriend. Moments like this tend to make people forget the downside of relationships and only realize the positives. There may be obstacles, but we will overcome everything, right?

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