I am so behind in posting. Noah went through some fixes and upgrades. Now equipped with a Game-changer lift from Metalcloak and 35″ tires, we are definitely more capable of crawling through rocks.

Last Saturday, we merged onto Sea to Sky highway towards Squamish. Finally get to explore these mountains without trace of snow!

I’ve once been on Mamquam FSRΒ for a briefly exploration but didn’t wander too far due to the heavy presence of fresh snow during the winter months. This time we were able to make it all the way to the coast of the Indian Arm, approximately a trek of 36 km.

The first stop was roughly 1.5 hours in from trail head… After a quick break for food and water, we were back on the road again.

Soon we came to a few breaks in the normal path in the form of washouts. J went first in his 4Runner without anyone spotting for him. Chi quickly became anxious after the first observation due to the steep incline and tight turns that were in quite close proximity to the cliff edges. Watching her wearing the inner struggle on her face, I couldn’t stop laughing, though it might not be as funny from her mind…

The washout took away the original route. We had to climb through the rocks on the side. “Monique you go first.” “Sure, easy.”

Haha Monique you go first!? πŸ˜‚πŸ”πŸ’©πŸ˜’

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We found an abandoned house here. It seemed rather creepy – there was a ribbed mattress and a bunch of broken furniture.

You would assume that a sign clearly marked “DO NOT ENTER” actually means welcome, you’d be right.. the girls went in of course.. So far I haven’t heard them complaining about being haunted. We’ll see how that goes.

I slowly lost my sense of direction as I got so confused at the compass on my dash showing I was driving South East – I kept thinking we were heading North. Before I realized, we were at Iron Bay / Indian Arm.

The tiny house on the other side was accessible through boat only. The closest dock to sail out was Deep Cove or Belcarra – yes, we were definitely far east..

This trail originally could go all the way from Squamish and out to Coquitlam. However, the exit was a private land and the owner decided to close it. So we had to venture back the same way.

And we are back to Silent Hill..

J probably thought he’s got a boat or something..

Ya we are fine just watching…