BC entered into historical high temperature this weekend. There’s no better place to be than finding a lake to dip in!

When the temperature was cool, we complain about rain. When summer finally comes in full swing, we complain about the heat. Human is truly a difficult species to satisfy.
But right now at this moment, I couldn’t be more grateful that my AC is fill up.

Since I couldn’t go far this summer, I wanted to include more outdoor activities in my off time. I wasn’t born by the beach and didn’t grow up with a ton of “wet” sports. What I meant to say is, watersports never interested me until Australia. Dipping into the cold lakes and ocean to cool off my burning skin. What a relief.

And that’s what I plan to do today.

The sun was still stubbornly hot in its evening position. It’s about time to paddle out onto the lake.

When it comes to inflating Standup Paddle Board, I’ve learnt a few things. The package usually comes with a hand pump. Do yourself a favour, forget it. The last thing you want to do is having heat exhaustion pumping up your SUP in that up-down motion under direct sun.

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Originally I bought an adaptor to use an air compressor like how I air up tires. Smart? Nah. It doesn’t work! Save yourself some hassle and get a floaty pump like this.

The Air compressor is designed to inflate at high pressure with low volume. In contrast, this pump runs at lower pressure but high volume.

Yes, your overland gear doesn’t work on everything.

You’d be waiting for that ARB twin compressor to fill up your board till sunset!

I wasn’t particularly hungry due to the heat. And really didn’t want to create more heat from cooking. I didn’t even set up a campfire! Which turned out to be a good idea – these few days of extreme heat caused several catastrophic bushfires in the region. A fire ban is now in full swing.

Here I found another advantage of cooking in an air fryer. No fire! Less heat generated, and I don’t have to stay around as if I’m not already warm.

When I’m back to the land, the couple that let me into this spot had already retrieved to their tent on the other side of the tiny beach. I couldn’t be more grateful to have spent such an amazing day on this beautiful beach. Thanks to their generosity.

I haven’t had a peaceful summer night light this for so long. I kept thinking of last summer or the summers before.
Perhaps I’ve been gaslighted; I never thought I’d be able to enjoy outdoor times like this without someone to lead me, guide me, take me.
Haha, it’s not that difficult after all.
Just my flamingo and I, enjoying the sun setting below the mountain ridge.

When it comes to packing up, usually, I like to take my time and enjoy the last sight of each camp.
But this morning, despite the strong unwillingness to leave, I had to finish packing sooner than usual. Racing the sun before it gets too hot and again.
If only you could see temperature thru the screen. Maybe next time I’ll cook an egg on the bonnet.

How epic is this place? The clear water lakes in the BC mountains are absolutely stunning. I hope you enjoyed this episode of solo mission in an air-conditioned room.
I will definitely be back here sometime. Inner BC has so much to offer.
Until then, stay cool. Stay wild.

3 thoughts on “Camping & Paddle Board on a Lake”

  1. The grey cruiser with scrub bars and orange spotties – would make most men here in aus enviable. I like your awning setup – might do that on my truck. Unsure where this lake is but looks nicer than WA. Your channel is a good break from the YouTube blokes here (Ronny Dahl, roothy etc). It’s nice to watch… regards, James

  2. really like your videos, lover overlanding , but just beginning . will explore australia by 4WD .

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