A relaxing snowy 4WD adventure to a local lake shelter. Making tacos with Toyota Tacoma and Landcruiser in the background. Laughter by the campfire. Sounds like an ideal winter Sunday.

Sensing a trend of the vehicle my friends are switching into nowadays. When David messaged me the other day about his newly acquired 4WD, I literally pictured this trip in mind.

A bunch of Toyota Tacoma, making tacos.

making fish taco with Toyota Tacoma in snow

It was raining in the city. But as we drove deeper into the forest road, rain drop turned into snow flakes.

Toyota Landcruiser 100 series  in snow Overland Lady

It’s been a while since Julia last came out with me offroading. She’s been snow hiking and I joined her once. Those cramp-on shoe cleats worked well here too as we hop off the car to enjoy the lake.

What do I have in common with the Tacomas? For now, I could shamlessly say, we have equally poor hitch clearance. It’s no doubt a shift from the lifted Jeep Rubicon to a IFS tourer. David could say the same.

When I first knew him, we each had a white Rubicon. He took his rig down Fossil Trail during last year’s 4Low newbie run. With a rooftop tent, you could really feel the center of gravity above your nose. Like many Jeep owners, he experienced a run of warranty issues. Closer to the end of summer, he got an offer from some serious buyer – a deal from which David made money! So by the end of 2020, I heard the news that he was looking for another 4WD.

So heere we are, 4 Tacomas and 1 Landcrusier. From Jeep to Toyota… I wouldn’t say we betrayed. They each have their own purpose and fun. But with a Tacoma, there’s more space in the tub which opens up more options for touring.

I need a ute in my life…One day.

A 80 series Landcruiser visited the lake as we were in the middle of making lunch. Everyone turned their eyes on me… I knew I had to..

Holding my half-eaten taco, I walked towards the guy and yelled “oh Landcruiser!”

80 Series didn’t come with 3rd-row seats but he managed to weld in an extra row. The rig fitted 3 adults, 2 kids, and 1 husky!

I enjoy going on trips alone but sometimes you just want to share with friends and family, taking them out to enjoy the nature together.

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