West Harrison is one of the most visited 4WD destination around Vancouver. There are many rec site stops along the FSR. Hale Creek is no doubt the main gathering spot right by Harrison Lake. This rainy Saturday, we visited some hidden beaches following the lead of 4Low BC.

The local offroad club is known for their wheeling actions while the vehicles are in low range 4WD. This was their first public event open to newbies – so called “newbie run”.

In the morning, a big turn out of roughly 50 vehicles met up at the gravel pit behind Sasquatch Inn, in Harrison Mills, BC. The crowd is soon arranged into separate groups after signing waivers. I followed the group Matt is leading and headed towards Sunrise Lake.

The uphill towards Sunrise has been paved in the past year to accommodate logging. When we got to the section where two barely showing rocks formed a shallow crack in the middle, I was shocked with almost disbelief.

“Is this V-Rock?! What?! It used to be very hard!”

Staring at the little hump of a rocky surface, I felt a sense of…. loss? There’s a special memory at V-Rock within me two years ago. Seems like it won’t be renewed any time soon.

There were already a few groups camping on top of the lake. Otherwise, we couldn’t have some fun climbing the big boulders. After a few tricky multi-point turns, Matt arranged the group and headed straight down to Hale Creek.

Here, all the groups met up and socialized in a safe manner (distancing still in effect). The Newbie Run officially ended here. But this is when the fun things start! We headed out to this trail called Fossil.

All the bumpy ride and fun is better represented in the video.

Next stop, a hidden cave. But on the way there, we need to get some swiming in….