To get to Hut Lake in Squamish, BC, you’ll need to go through a 4×4 trail that’s known for its “double black rating”.

I’ve been here before with Noah and high-centered on our way out of Gatekeeper. To be honest, I didn’t even know about Hut Lake and its legacy back then. Now with more understanding of the trail, taking Altar the Landcruiser won’t even allow me to pass the gate, let alone Upper Hut Trail. Matt sounded pretty confident in doing it solo so Julia and I hopped in his JLU Rubicon for a Jeep mountain safari.

Narrow and overgrown trails change as trees grow and fall. We cleared some big ones out of the way. Why am I using an axe? You see, Matt went too far deep with the chainsaw without creating a V. And if you’ve been a chainsaw newbie before, you’d know, it gets the blade stuck in between the crack. Try pulling it out? You may “de-chain” it…

We stopped by Hut Lake for some BBQ and drinks. Julia kept wanting to row the deck out. I guess we’ll have to drone her back from the middle of the water when she struggles rowing it back here….

The weather held up pretty well as it stopped raining while we were out. The single fear of not having an awning…

After 3 main obstacles and a very narrow track, we got to Upper Hut Lake. Tranquil and serene. But why are there so many mosquitos!

Hut Lake 7 | Overland Lady by Monique Song

Our Gatekeeper exit was 10x rougher than the entrance.. Check out the video for full story.

Afterthought: probably won’t do it again until better skid protection…

Tips on bringing female passengers: make sure they help with stacking rocks when you pickle yourself… 😅 Still a fun day nonetheless.