Another Sunday getaway. Crew: JK 2door, JK 4door, 4 Runner, Tacoma, and my Noah.

Sylvester FSR is located in Mission, B.C. leading to Cascade Falls, Davis Lake, and Stave Lake. The trial to Stave is too flooded in winter so we couldn’t get to the “money shot” location. It’s definitely on my list for summer time!

It was overall quite a chill and fun trip, until people start to get real adventurous and get stuck, then it turned exciting… well maybe not so much for the recovery Tacoma..

Stop by the end of pavement to air down our tires. For reference:

  • My Rubie 33″ tires on 15″ wheels, down to 15 psi.
  • JK 4door 35″ tires on 20″ wheels, down to 20 psi.
  • JK 2door 37″ tires on 17″ wheels, down to 13 psi.
  • Tacoma 33″ tires on 17″ wheels, down to 18-20 psi.
  • 4 Runner 31.5″ tires 17″ on wheels. down to 20 psi.

Off we go. My co-worker at SR Auto (JK 2door) was just here last Sunday. Still having the mental map, he took the lead, Tacoma tailed.

“The Little Red Riding Hood” (but there’s no wolf)

The first (and only for this trip) bigger slop… A little water puddle at the bottom and then up the hill, either left or right.

First resting spot. Clearly people has been having little camp fire here. It was pouring when we arrived. Didn’t get the luck to relax.

Looking out from the same spot. That’s Stave Lake. Somehow it reminds me of the end of the world….

After a short chat and a pot of brewed tea, back on the road.

Take a left turn, we went to the water. It’s about my rock slider height (stock Jeep). Feels like driving a boat slowly cruising down the river.

“I’ll go take a look. Just stop if I get stuck.” And he did….. This self-recovery was a hell of excitement. I’ve recorded in the video above. Water flooded in the whole inside of the car.. This is the so-called “Tank Trap”, pretty self-explanatory. I wonder how is it formed…

The entrance of Tank Trap. It is accessible in the summer when water level is not as crazy.

This “little” slope got him… The first try didn’t make through. Consequently, rear wheel dug in too much. While backing up, there was a crisp metal sound… There goes the axle shaft… Luckily he was able to get out of the trial with two wheel drive.

While rescuing him, another Jeep came to test the water. I dig that shot cup decor.

Back to the resting area to drop off the 2 Door JK. There were 3 more Jeeps here having a little camp fire. After a short greeting, dude in this picture asked if I blaze. It’s almost legal for recreational use here in Canada! Feel the openness!

Note for forest photography: model wears red! It’s such a good contract with the green backdrop.

Got sidetracked on the way out.. Hi horses.

Luckily, a Jeep friend lives near by the area came to help. Broken part was exchanged right outside the gravel. The 4 Runner, though, had some serious damage to transmission and requested a tow.

I’ll end the journey here with the last trace of sunlight peaking through the cloud, creating a fire-like scenery. I wouldn’t mind living here if I didn’t need to go to downtown Vancouver everyday…

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