Noah – 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Hardrock edition.

The name came from the Bible story Noah’s Ark. I brought him home at the end of 2015. It was cold with lots of depressing rain and snow. He kept me safe and brought me to countless places with ease. He guarded me through winter blues and has been protecting me ever since.

“The Beautiful British Columbia” – this proud statement is embossed on our BC license plates. It’s quite a shame to say, although I’ve been here for many years, the times I got in touch with nature could be counted with fingers.

I used to say I’m too busy. Little did I know that was the easy part of life. Now, graduated from university and stepped into what people call the mundane 9-5 (except mine is 8:30 – late), I pretty much lost all autonomy of my weekdays.

I still love the city life. However, since last year, I started to withdraw from crowds of human and grew a strong desire to wilderness. Had enough civilization during the week. I’d very much like to be removed from it whenever I can.

On a slight rainy Sunday, 1 Tacoma and 2 Wranglers head into Chilliwack Lake Forest Service Road (FSR). 2.5-hour away from the city, there’s no reception, no chaos from employers or ex-boyfriends. Just the cars, fresh minds, good vibes, and the road less traveled.

I filmed a short clip of the trip.As you can see some snow in a few sections that made it slippery. Other than that, the trial is relatively easy overall.

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