Woke up super early today for a cruise that I am not driving along. My friend, Clement Ting, invited me to the cruise with the local Mitsubishi club he is in.

Although I’ve been driving Dicken’s manual EVO recently – he lives in Calgary but left the car in Vancouver for Vairs Widebody kit – I am not a JDM person and I know very little of Mitsubishi.


The most popular cruising route: Sea to sky highway 99

IMG_0710 IMG_0726IMG_0712IMG_0729

The only non-Mitsubishi here – since I didn’t drive – Type R swap EG. Owner himself did most of the work on it and there’s still a lot to come.


We went pass Squamish and turned in Alice Lake. With the excitement of being here for the first time, I figured it’s not very low-car-friendly: lots of speed bumps.

IMG_0748IMG_0754 IMG_0752 IMG_0751

Luckily this crew is function > form. Parked, and we went into the woods where a lake was hidden behind.

IMG_0758 IMG_0767 IMG_0783

While people were setting up tent and BBQ, I quickly scanned around – Beautiful!

IMG_0768 IMG_0770/IMG_0778 IMG_0776 IMG_0774  IMG_0787

Most people in this crew are elder, which made this experience more like a family weekend.

IMG_0800 IMG_0798

The priceless moment! I had to finish the skewer I was working on asap and take out my camera for this. So peaceful.


As we move into the shades, it became a sun tanning location…


A total of 5 hours by the lake, I had a semi-normal girl life…. (Without telling anyone I am into cars, I was introduced as a friend instead of car girl. Even thought still got recognized by one of them =|)


Group photo! And of course I am behind the camera~


Oh wait.. One more coming.


Now it’s complete! Thanks Clubmitsu BC for the great experience.

3 thoughts on “BBQ cruise with Clubmitsu BC”

  1. Thank you for the great picture Monique! You are very welcome to hang out with us and sorry did not talk to you much coz was to busy with my family and kids. Glad that you enjoy hanging out with the group. Take care always and god bless.

  2. Hi Monique I was at the picnic with Aldrin (Clement’s friend). I really like your pictures!

  3. Have seen group of mitsu drove out from Alice lake to hwy99 late afternoon on last Saturday heading toward to vancouver.it’s actually u guys…..I was cruise with blue EG for a while during sqamish area.I think that guy should still remember me.I’m on my blk e90 with SSR wheels.

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