My work term has ended. Which means it is time to start my Australia overland/roadtrip in full force!

A little back story:

2 weeks ago, J left Melbourne and embarked on his trip to the center of Australia. It’s a bit similar to my Uluru trip. Except his route is more fun and remote: Beach driving from Beachport, SA to Robe, SA; hiking in Flinders Ranges; the famous Oodnadatta track; Palm Valley, NT. He visited the geographical center of Australia and eventually crossed the Simpson Desert alone!

I should totally do a write up about his trip! But that’s for another time.

Back to my point – him leaving forced me to reflect on my situation. It appeared to me that I was stuck in the status quo again. There’s only so little time left in Australia. Why am I still not on the road?

So two weeks later, here I am. Leaving our Melbourne homebase and heading North to meet up with J.

Today was a full day of driving to get to Sydney as quickly as possible. While in Sydney, I met up with my cousin and nephew who was turning one in the same month. He seemed to like my birthday present to him – a John Deere baby tractor. However I still managed to make him cry in the end…. stupid camera lens hoods…

City driving still gets me nervous and grumpy. But we’ll be in the wilderness soon! Stay tuned for my Venture Down Under!

My route this time was the fastest direct inland highway M31. Since we traveled the coast and mountain on our way down from Sydney to Melbourne in the beginning of 2019.

Alternatively, if you have more days to spare, I definitely recommend going through High Country – Canberra or NSW coastal towns (Narooma, Jervis Bay) – Jenolan Cave – Blue mountain. Topic for another itinerary summary!

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