We went out exploring along East Harrison FSR. Starting from Sasquatch Provincial Park along Harrison Lake, all the way up to Nahatlatch Camp Site and out to Boston Bar along Highway 1. The whole trip took about 6 hours with stopping in between.

Check out my route on Gaia GPS:

I started using Gaia GPS for backroads simply because the places I go usually isn’t covered by cellphone reception, and Google Map doesn’t have most of those roads listed. I do have a paper map book, but having an app that tracks my location and directs me through the trail is way more helpful in comparison to the old-school map book.

Gaia offers something different than the other GPS apps. It allows you to plan your trip ahead of time on the webpage or your app and share it with others like I just did above. You can add waypoints and photos along the trip to keep track of what’s on the way.

The premium membership allows me to load the official Backroad Mapbooks on the app along with layers such as weather and real-time forest fire.

I’ve worked out a deal with Gaia for my outdoor friends!! You can direct yourself in the wild with up to 48% discount. Click here to claim your GPS.


This active logging forest road was a scenic trip from the beginning to end.

My first drone attempt was totally lacking on preparation. I lost GPS while the drone was out in the air and low on battery. All of a sudden the Mavic went into Atti mode and started to float along the wind which almost crashed itself into the mountain.. Also the footages came out grainy maybe due to the sharpness setting..

Lesson learnt. Adventures can be spontaneous, drone flights can’t be..

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