The famous Whipsaw Trail has been “welcoming” some brave adventurists with snow in June. Last weekend, West Coast Offroaders put together a trip for the shop’s friends and clients to explore this trail in reverse direction. Lodestone Lake campsite is spacious to assis our big group of almost 20 vehicles.

This is the first time my Landcruiser ever experience snow in his 15 years of life! We handled it well – never gotten stuck while some Jeeps were even struggling.

The small trail towards Lodestone had a lot of fallen trees that slowed down our progress. Our convoy stopped multiple times to chainsaw our way through.

Our team has a good mixture of vehicles: Jeeps, Toyotas, Rover, Mercedes, and Chevy. Basically if someone is considering getting a 4WD but not sure which one to choose, come to one of our trips and you will see and compare yourself!

Arrived at our campsite at Lodestone Lake! I have never camped with so many vehicles before. This is a good opportunity to check out everyone’s camping set up and learn from them. While Australia seems to be a land of swags, North America is all about colorful ground tents and rooftop tents.

Our second day of attempting Whipsaw encountered some true Canadian vibe – Snow!

As we winch, snatch, and dig our way through a short section of snow in a couple of hours, we heard another group of wheelers on the radio. They are way more equipped and experienced, yet still struggling on the other side of the hill. Considering the combination of our group, we decided to turn around and enjoy a relaxing night and try Whipsaw another time.

Mid-June in BC, still too cold for these mountains. How classic Canadian!

Since our planned route need to be altered, we spent the last day exploring a secret lookout that allow us to take in the whole Whipsaw mountain in our eyes.

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