A weekend camping trip towards Cache Creek and Kamloops. Searching for Cornwall FireTower and Greenstone Fire Tower.

Cornwall Fire Lookout Tower

Greenstone Fire Lookout Tower

A scenic drive along Highway 1, we turned left before Cache Creek.

A few weeks ago, BC 4WD Association posted its first Cornwall run for the season. Fire towers usually sit on high altitudes which means snow can still be present when the city is way into summer.

We did this trip at the beginning of June. Guess what, when we got to the trailhead, it started hailing as we aired down!

Wwe were a little behind the schedile when we got out of Cornwall. We might have to cut down the 3-tower trip to 2.

Overland Camping FireLookout Towers 21 | Overland Lady by Monique Song
Looking for places to camp for the night. We end up heading back to Cache Creek.

Greenstone Tower is South of Kamloops. The easier access way is through Highway 5 (reverse as what we did). Since we come from Cache Creek side, we took the smaller route from north to south, passing Duffy Lake first.

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