Building a brand new life in Australia hasn’t been easy. Everything needs to start from near zero again. The entertainment of off-roading is no difference.

In early January, my friend Kevin flew down to film the unique Australian automotive to inspire the Chinese market. I met up with him briefly at Summernats in Canberra. A few days later, he invited me to join his beach 4WD trip in Fraser Island.

At that time, I arrived in Australia just over a week and was striving for a life in Sydney. Going North over Brisbane wasn’t a smart option due to the circumstances.

However, after talking to a few locals and doing some research online, I found a small substitute for four-wheeling on beach.

Just North of Newcastle, NSW, Stockton Beach is within 3 hour drive from Sydney. The 22km coast is accessible by 4WD and recreational vehicles with a permit, which can be purchased from multiple locations.

The day before, I made a post on Sydney local 4WD Facebook group for advice. Ryan joined us with his Hilux. He soon became our tour guide who brought us to the boat wreck and Tin City, navigated us through sand dunes, and saved us from a failed attempt to try out Maxtrax…

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