If you’re looking to get into backpacking, no matter where you’re going, there are some essentials you need to make sure you have. Among other things, there are some things that you absolutely cannot do without – so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a hold of them before you set out to your destination. 

If you’re heading to a remote location, remember that you can only rely on yourself and what you’ve got packed – and you can only carry so much. Packing light for your next big adventure can be a challenge in itself, but it’s made easier if you know what you can’t live without.

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Decent pair of shoes

One of the main things that you’re going to need to last you is your shoes. A good pair of hiking boots might set you back a bit, but you don’t want them breaking down on you while you’re on the road or nowhere near society. You may find yourself exploring all kinds of terrain, and broken shoes can lead to injuries or infections picked up from harsh weather and such. If there’s something you can’t cheap out on, it’s your boots.

A quality backpack and equipment

When you’re picking a backpack, you have to remember to be realistic. You can only fit so much in it, and you’re also going to need to be able to carry it with you everywhere you go. You can’t really afford to set it down that often, as it’s going to have all of your essentials inside it. It needs to be big enough to carry everything, but also not too big to encumber you more than necessary. You also want it to be strong enough to last your adventure. 

The same goes for any equipment that you bring with you. If you’re taking a new flashlight, you might need to bring a 18650 rechargeable battery to help you keep it alive. You can’t always get replacement batteries, so rechargeables are your best friend.

Hygiene supplies

You’re away from home, and a lot of the time you’re going to be away from luxuries like rooms with a bathroom. Because of that, you should pack the minimum amount of hygiene supplies that will last you until your next opportunity to get them. Of course, you won’t be able to find any that’ll last a long journey, but as long as they stretch until your next visit – you’re golden. Things like toothpaste and soap are luxuries when you’re nowhere near home, so you’ve got to make them last.

Wet wipes are your friend. Brands like Shower Pouch make giant pieces of wipes for “showering” on the road. But simple baby wipes will do the job. I keep baby wipes for a variety of cleaning needs around my body and face.

A repair kit

If any of your things break down on you, you should be okay if you have the means to fix them. Tears in your backpack can be costly without a means of patching it up, and the same goes for your clothes. Having a small repair or sewing kit handy with you on your journey will help to make sure that’s not an issue – it could be worth getting in some practice before you leave.