Sometimes I don’t want to do event coverage anymore partially because I do this only for my daily record as a diary, but mostly, like today, attending an event under direct sun shine, semi-dressed-up, carrying a purse and DSLR is not that enjoyable.

This was the first time for me to check out Monterey Car Week. Because of the inexperience, I started planing too late – all hotels around Pebble Beach are sold out two months before the event. During the whole week, there were many different automotive events happening all over Monterey but I only managed to catch Concour D’elegance.

However, I didn’t notice my biggest mistake until I passed the concept cars showcase and entered the real show facing hundreds of classic cars that are older than me – I should’ve came with someone who knows about old cars. I had no idea which is worth to take photo of or which has the quality for trophy. All I see was a full field of machines that can be consider pieces of history. I was stocked.

Other than that, during this period of time, rare cars were all over the street around Monterey. Not only the shows and events, they were literally everywhere you go. In the end I got numbed and don’t even had the desire to take out my camera and shoot.

It’s not something that can be easily described by photos. Instead, Monterey Car Week is something one has to experience at least once in a lifetime. Being there, standing on the street, seeing cars come and go. Cars that usually can only be seen online or in press, they are all here running on the street, they are alive.

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