4WD in a very steep track – Phone Track, in Tallarook, VIC. Our convoy includes Toyota FJ, Landcruiser 100, Prado 90, and a squeaky clean Jeep JLU Rubicon fresh off the dealership! Guess which one end up having the most hiccups?

Skip to 2:00 for actions!

Ok I’ll be fair. The JLU Rubicon was brand new and bone stock. Andy drove it with extra caution to avoid panel damage, but sometimes on track, it works otherwise. The Jeep was also the only vehicle not equipped with a winch or lift kit so ground clearnce and “winch yourself up” wasn’t an option. (It was later winched up by the Prado 90 series at the second obstacle after trying Maxtrax).

“Imaginary friends” – I don’t know who’s really watching so all I can do is imagine…Hi friends!