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Holiday Bake – Eggnog Banana Bread

To be honest, this is the first year for me to love Eggnog…. My initial encounter of Eggnog was through Starbucks’ Eggnog Latte years ago. It left me a very odd spicy taste. I threw the whole grande cup in garbage and never touched anything related to eggnog ever again…. However, this year, I tried…

Double RWB – SR Auto Group

It’s been four years since the birth of the first RWB in Canada – Royal Ocean. The peaceful ocean blue was later paired with a set of PUR Wheels LG01 in matte gold. Not many people have seen this around. As what I know of, the owner was very low key. In the past few…

It’s Not About The Fireworks

I’ve only shot fireworks onceĀ – about 4 years ago at Kitsilano Beach. It didn’t stir up enough interest in me to keep shooting this type of event. I did enjoy looking at these light trails of boats when fireworks was done. The way long exposures capture both steady and moving elements always give me clear,…