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Double RWB – SR Auto Group

It’s been four years since the birth of the first RWB in Canada – Royal Ocean. The peaceful ocean blue was later paired with a set of PUR Wheels LG01 in matte gold. Not many people have seen this around. As what I know of, the owner was very low key. In the past few…

It’s Not About The Fireworks

I’ve only shot fireworks once – about 4 years ago at Kitsilano Beach. It didn’t stir up enough interest in me to keep shooting this type of event. I did enjoy looking at these light trails of boats when fireworks was done. The way long exposures capture both steady and moving elements always give me clear,…

The Truth - by Neil Strauss | An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships

The Truth – by Neil Strauss | Book Notes

I discovered this “uncomfortable book about relationships” from a video intro on Youtube. The video was animated based on a section in The Truth where the “therapist” was trying to acknowledge the “addicts” the cause of their behaviour.. I resonated quite deeply with the idea that a person’s upbringing can leave almost permanent marks on…